lördag 11 maj 2013


I think you've heard it all before
Even so, I need to share, so here is more
More of that feeling of sensing that you're lost
More words stating that I do feel crossed
over by my own terrible mistakes
I've been unfaithful to me, and that makes
this poem even more important now,
now that I've made up my mind on how,
how to get up on my feet and rise

'cause sometimes I do miss home
Here I feel like a bad clone
of my former self, just wandering around,
trying only to make english sounds
Not to let my real dreams show
It sounds like a cliche, I know
But it's hard trying to be something you're not
Try to stay cool when I know I'm a lot
more like people when they have grown old
I like a romantic evening, red wine and I'm sold
on judging people before I even said Hallo
You think it sounds horrible, we all do it though
Trying to fit in to a show that we're part of all day
Looking like we don't care so much, but I will say
Just like you I'm more than there is to the eye
and even though I can be shy
I will say that I do love my self quite alot
And from now on, I think I will give my true self a shot!

Jennie 19/1-13 - Första dikten på engelska, nånsin

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